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Photographs of Berlin.

Just a few to whet your appetite.

The Ephraim Palace. Built for Frederick the Great's banker and mint master Vietel Hiene Ephraim.
Photograph of the Ephraim Palace built for Frederick the Great's Mint Master Vietel Hiene Ephraim.

I.M.Pei's extension to the Germany History Museum , You will see this building during your Berlin tour tailor made for you.

Photograph of the I.M. Pei building extension to the German History Musuem.
The International Congress Centre. Many visitors are exhibitors here.
Photograph of the Berlin International Congress Cente.

KaDeWe Germany 's largest department store. Berlin has some of the finest shopping anywhere.

Photograph of KaDeWe, Berlin's most prominent Department Store.

Zum Letzen Instanz - Berlin's oldest pub. Chancellor Köhl and President George H. Bush dined here.

Photograph of Zum Letzen Instanz Berlin's oldest pub.
The double deck Oberbaum Bridge . Trains above, road traffic beneath.
Photograph of the double-deck Oberbaum Bridge.

The Soviet war memorial in the Tiergarten.

Photograph of the Soviet War memorialin Berlin's tiergarten.

The Reichstag building and the Reichstag fire. I'll explain what really happened on 27th February 1933 during this tour of Berlin expressly for you.

Photograph of the Berlin Reichstag building.

The Berlin Television Tower . While we tour Berlin I'll tell you all about this remarkable structure.

Photograph of the Berlin TV Tower.
The World Clock in Berlin's Alexander Platz, Chief shopping centre in East Berlin. It was not lost on East Berliners that they could see the time anywhere in the world but not go there.
Photograph of the World Clock in Berlin's Alexander Platz.