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Things you did not know

German flagThe German Flag


  • During your bespoke Berlin tour you will see the black, red and gold horizontal tricolour is the flag of the Federal Republic of Germany. The colours can be dated to the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages. They reappeared in the war against Napoleon when volunteers from all the German principalities, adopted black uniforms with red piping and gold buttons. The paining Outpost Duty by Georg Friedrich Kersting in the Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin illustrates this. In the first attempt to create a democratic and unified Germany , the leaders of the 1848 Revolution adopted the tricolour flag in the National Assembly or Frankfurt Parliament. The flag was not taken into use until 1918 when the German National Assembly of the Weimar Republic adopted it. Hitler abolished it when he came to power in 1933. In 1950, the flag was reintroduced by the German Parliament as the official symbol for the Federal Republic of Germany. The former DDR ( East Germany ) used a similar design as national flag, but showed in the centre the East German emblem consisting of a hammer and a pair of dividers surrounded by a garland of wheat.
  • The president of the Federal Republic of Germany is Christian Wulff, who once described himself as no "alpha male". He was president of the state of Lower Saxony, home to automaker Volkswagen, between 2003 and 2010.
  • While you are touring Berlin with me you will visit the Brandenburg gate, situated at latitude and longitude 52° 30' 97" North 13° 22' 62" East.
  • " Berlin " is derived from a Slavic word related to a bog. It has nothing to do with bears, even though the bear is the symbol of Berlin . The names of the Berlin districts of Treptow, Gatow, Pankow and Teltow all find their roots in Slavic words.
  • A greater percentage of the Berlin Ubahn (Berlin Underground Railway) is beneath the surface than that of London .
  • Berlin is made up of twelve boroughs.
  • One of Hitler's very first foreign policy decisions was to pull out of the League of Nations, thus signifying his intention of not abiding by international norms. The United Nations was founded by those countries that had declared war on Germany. This meant that many countries that had not done so, hurriedly did so in April 1945.
  • Berlin has 91,000 hotel beds. It is expected that in a few years Berlin will have 100,000 hotel beds.
  • Berlin is bankrupt. By May 2005 Berlin 's debt had risen to almost €56 billion or $72 billion. Approximately 12 percent of Berlin 's annual budget is earmarked for interest payments. The sum represents €18,100 per person. New York 's by contrast is $6,233. It will take a generation to pay off the debts. Governing mayor Klaus Wowereit has said that "Berlin is poor but sexy".
  • Referring to the World War Two siege of Berlin Colonel-General Nikolai Erastovitch Benzarin of the Soviet Fifth Shock-army said "The allies dropped 65,000 tons of bombs - We fired 45,000 tons of shells in two weeks!"
  • Berlin is the third most visited city in the European Union. 

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