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Photograph of the Berlin Europa Centre CentrePhtograph of Berlin's iconic Europa Centre.

Welcome to the Berlin tour services provided by

John B. Boyle.


Don't make a poor decision!

John B. Boyle, author of a combined history and guide book to Berlin. I am pleased to offer my personal service as your expert personal Berlin guide. My charges start at only 10€ per hour. Ring or email me.

I offer four Berlin tours:

      Tour 1. The "Berlin Through the Ages" walking tour.

      Tour 2. The "City West" walking tour".

      Tour 3. The "Legacy of the Third Reich" walking tour.

      Tour 4. Bespoke, tailor-made tours according to the special interest of the visitor. For example, should you wish to visit Frederick the Great's celebrated rococo palace of Sanssouci set within it's UNESCO World Heritage-listed park at Potsdam I'll take you there.

Remember, I charge by the hour not by the number of people in the group. You can learn more about these tours by clicking H E R E:

Please note:

I do genuine tours - NOT drive by's.



Ten good reasons to choose me:

Come and enjoy one of my Berlin Walking Tours. Check the " Berlin_Walking_Tours" page for details. Take part in the F R E E interactive quiz on the "Things you did not know" page.



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Now visit the remaining pages to find information about the Berlin Walking Tours services provided by John B. Boyle your private Berlin tour guide.

Learn what I offer and what Berlin offers you.


Vacation in Berlin and hear about the Berlin Wall why it was constructed and how it came to be pulled down.

Holiday in Berlin and learn the truth about the Reichstag fire.

Take a break in Berlin and I will explain the building of the Brandenburg Gate.



Suppose you are interested in the Tom Cruise film "Valkyrie", a dramatisation of the failed "July Plot" of 1944. I can show you:


  • The Bendler block where much of the action takes place.
  • Stauffenberg`s place of execution.
  • The Roman Catholic Cathedral where Stauffenberg worshipped.
  • The site of the Headquarters of the Gestapo.
  • The chamber at the Plötzensee prison where ninety of the plotters were executed by hanging using piano wire and where the SS filmed their deaths for Hitler's entertainment.
  • The site of Hitler's Berlin bunker.
  • Göring's air ministry, headquarters of the Luftwaffe.

I can also show you the Wannsee house where the SS held a conference, chaired by Reinhard Heydrich to plan the "final solution of the Jews" How Himmler, on his second visit to Auschwitz took part in the selection process to "familiarise himself with the procedure". I can explain how the GESTAPO came into being and the turf battle between Ernst Rohm, Himmler and Göring. I can conduct you on a visit to the Humboldthain FLAK tower. Three of these were built in Berlin, three in Vienna and one in Hamburg, they were described by the Americans as the best of all bunker designs.



So now you know why to visit Berlin go to the My Services page to learn how I can make your tour extra special.

Let's supose that your interest is aircraftspotting. I can show you the myriad of unusual aircraft types flown by the airforces of both the East Germany and West Germany, even the Fairey Gannet AS4, flown by the West Germany navy or how about a Me109 powered by a Rolls Royce Merlin engine?

Remember - My overriding priority is to make this tour of Berlin expressly yours. My Bespoke Berlin tour tailor made for you My Berlin tours are exclusive to each client. Welcome to Touring Berlin with John Boyle your private Berlin tour guide.

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